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Amanda Jeffery

Studio Owner/CEO

Miss Amanda started taking dance lessons at the age of three because she was shy, and her mother tho ...Read More

Alyssa Nedich

Artistic Director

Miss Alyssa began teaching for Not Just Another Dance Studio in January 2018.  Daring to follow her ...Read More

Natalie Zakrajesek

Dance Instructor / Recreational Program Liaison

Natalie’s dance training began at the young age of two after endless tears because she wanted to t ...Read More

Sydney Shepherd

Dance Instructor

Sydney started dancing at the age of 3 with dreams of having a tutu.  Over the years in the studio ...Read More

Jussara Moreira

Dance Instructor

Jussara joined our team in September 2019.  Jussara has earned a Bachelor’s degree in educati ...Read More

Christopher Duarte

Dance Instructor

Christopher has been dancing since the age of 9, studying multiple disciplines such as Hip Hop, Lock ...Read More

Kailee Baldwin

Dance Instructor

Miss Kailee began dancing with Not Just Another Dance Studio in 2006. Over the years she has trained ...Read More

Shannon Sim

Dance Instructor

Shannon began dancing with us in 2014. They have trained in Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip ...Read More

Dima Nassar

Dance Instructor

Miss Dima started dancing in 2004 when she began training in Acrobatics. Then, as a result of her ha ...Read More

Sam Paglia

Dance Instructor

Sam will join our Dance Team in September 2021 when she will begin teaching Acro, Hip Hop and Jazz. ...Read More

Rebecca Moore

Dance Instructor

Rebecca was a member of Team Canada, where she competed on a world stage in Italy and Poland, specia ...Read More

Kelly DeLuca

Office Manager

Miss Kelly is a dance mom to two energetic girls that have been dancing with us since they were 3, a ...Read More

Dani Leitis

Administrative Assistant Ancaster

Dani joined our NJADS family in 2015 as a dance mom when her and her daughter joined our Dance With ...Read More

Marella Robinson

Assistant Teacher

Marella began dancing with us in 2010. She has trained in Ballet/Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Ho ...Read More

Gabriella Mugheddu

Junior Instructor

Gabriella (affectionately known as G) was two and a half when she started dancing at Not Just Anothe ...Read More

Lilyanna Colling-Cen

Junior Instructor

Lilyanna has been dancing with Not Just Another Dance Studio since 2012. She has trained in Ballet, ...Read More

Olivia Bower

Assistant Teacher

Olivia started dancing with our NJADS family when she was four years old. Since then she has taken j ...Read More

Becca Jeffery

Assistant Teacher

Becca started taking dance at 18 months old, in a Dance with Me class with her mom. She cried throug ...Read More

Daniella Vasic

Assistant Teacher

Miss Daniella started dancing at 2 years old.  Since then she’s found a passion for Jazz and ...Read More

Paige DeLuca

Junior Assistant Teacher

Paige has been dancing at Not Just Another Dance Studio since she was 3 years old. She began with Pr ...Read More

Chloe Frost

Assistant Teacher

Chloe’s passion for dance began when she was just 3 years old. She started with NJADS in Septe ...Read More

Ben Musgrave-Bond

Assistant Teacher

Ben has been dancing with Not Just Another Dance Studio since he was 5 years old. He started in 2015 ...Read More

Kylie Merlin

Junior Assistant Teacher

Kylie has been dancing with Not Just Another Dance Studio since she was 4 years old. She began with ...Read More

Isabelle O’Connell

Assistant Teacher

Isabelle has been dancing with us since 2012. During this time she has taken ballet, lyrical tap and ...Read More

Amelia Poorter

Mini Ambassador

Why I love dancing according to Amelia: “I love my teacher cause of his shoes and I love his dance ...Read More

Alexis Scott

Petite Ambassador

Information Coming Soon! ...Read More

Scarlett MacLeod

Junior Ambassador

I have many reasons to love dance.  It’s my passion and I’ve done it at this studio since I was ...Read More

Daniela Vasic

Senior Ambassador

I love dance because I love being creative and expressing my emotions through movement.  I love try ...Read More

Milla Davis

Junior Assistant Teacher

Milla started dancing with NJADS in 2017 when she was five years old in a ballet class. Milla enjoys ...Read More

Charlotte Clodd

Junior Assistant Teacher

Charlotte (Charlie) has been dancing since she was 3 years old and this will be her 3rd season of co ...Read More

Emily Clodd

Junior Assistant Teacher

Emily has been dancing since she was 4 years old and this will be her 4th season of competitive danc ...Read More

Jennie Clodd

Administrative Assistant Hamilton

Miss Jennie has been a dance mom for the last 8 years and has recently joined the NJADS family with ...Read More

Shelly Chiasson

Customer Journey Coordinator

...Read More

Scarlett MacLeod

Junior Assistant Teacher

Scarlett MacLeod started dancing at the age of 2 years old at Not Just Another Dance Studio. Scarlet ...Read More

Elise Gilchrist

Junior Assistant Teacher

Elise Gilchrist has been dancing since she was 15 months old. She started in the Dance with Me class ...Read More

Charlie-Ann Schneider

Junior Assistant Teacher

...Read More

Arianna Vasic

Junior Assistant Teacher

Arianna started dance at NJADS at the age of two.  She took a liking to tap at a very young age.  ...Read More

Piper De Luca

Junior Assistant Teacher

Piper has been dancing at NJADS since she was 2 years old; and when she was just 4 years old she joi ...Read More

Alexis Scott

Junior Assistant Teacher

...Read More