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Tuition Pricing for our 2023-2024 Dance Season – Price listed is the pre-tax cost per month for the class and HST will be added at time of billing. Tuition is billed on the 1st of each month September through June in 10 Equal Monthly Installments.  Students starting mid-season will be charged pro-rated monthly tuition in the month they start classes, plus the Recital Costume portion of the tuition for the months they have missed.  Tuition covers the total number of classes in the season, and therefore does not correspond to the number of classes in any given month; some months have more lessons, some months have less.  Pricing does not include classes that are missed for when we are closed for Statutory holidays, Christmas shutdown or March Break, as pricing for Monday classes are discounted to reflect the dates we are closed.

Registration Fee – There is a registration fee for Dance Season Enrollments of $20.00 + HST per family each year.  This fee is waived for current students annually if they register before June 1st.  This fee is not billed for Summer, Camp or Workshop enrollments. This fee reserves your spot in the class, and is non-refundable if a dancers drops the class.

July or August sessions – Pricing listed is a one-time pre-tax cost and HST will be added at time of billing.  Total amount owing is billed at time of enrollment for the first summer class, and additional summer classes are billed on the first of the month (in the month that the class is held).

Workshops and Camps – Pricing listed is a one-time pre-tax cost and HST will be added at time of billing.  Total amount owing is billed at time of enrollment.  Enrollment is not guaranteed until fees are paid in full.

All-Inclusive Pricing! Typically studios require a recital fee, costume fee and additional payments to be made throughout the year. We have simplified things by adding up those total costs and dividing them across the year so that you are not faced with an unexpected charge. (Please note: Dance with Me and Adult classes do not include a recital/costume fee included in their monthly tuition).

Pro-Rated Fees – For dancers starting mid-month, tuition is pro-rated (so you are not billed for classes prior to enrollment).  Dancers will be billed the Recital portion of the Equal Monthly Tuition Fee per months prior to enrollment (starting in September 2023):

  • Dance with Me classes – Not Applicable.
  • Pre-Level classes – $12.26 per month.
  • Level 1 and 2 classes – $14.76 per month.
  • Level 3, 4 and 5 classes – $17.76 per month.

We offer discounts for dancers enrolled in more than one class per week. The more you dance, the more you save!