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How do I know what level to register my child for?

When enrolling for our full dance season (September through June) we go by the age that your child is as of September 1st.  For example, if your child’s birthday is December 19th, and they are 3, they should enroll in any of our Pre-Level Dance classes.  This class is for children that are 3, and turning 4 during the dance season.  They are to remain in the Pre-Level classes for the entire season, and will not be ready to move up to the Level 1 classes (for 4-6 year olds) in January, simply because they have celebrated their birthday.  Are classes are geared towards the specific age group, learning and skills ability and interests for each age group that we offer.

What if my child has never taken dance before?

That is totally fine!  Our instructors are knowledgeable, and able to help both new dancers, as well as experienced dancers to advance their learning and push themselves in each class.  We believe that peer interactions are important during class, and will not have older dancers “dance down” with groups below their age group.  Dancers may register for any class for their age group, with the exception of Advanced classes, which require previous knowledge in the style of dance to join.

My child is a Pre-Teen / Teenager…is it too late to start dance lessons?

Definitely not!  It is never too late to start dance lessons.  Our staff can assist dancers just starting out in their dance journey.  Please note, learning dance is similar to learning a new language.  It will take time to learn the terminology, and to train your body to move in the way that you are asking it to.  This takes time!  Be patient and kind to yourself.  We have resources available to assist dancers to become confident in their abilities.

Are all classes age based, or do you offer skill-based learning?

Our Acro and Tap classes tend to be based more on skill level, rather than age.  Dancers in Acro classes must strive to be equally flexible as well as strong enough to safely complete skills.  Both Acro and Tap classes teach based on progressions.  It is important that students master a skill before moving on to the next level of the progression.  Contact our staff for assistance in selecting the appropriate class for your child.  We will often do a trial class in Acro, so that the dancer’s skills can be assessed to place them in a class where they can be both challenged, as well as successful.

Adult Classes

It is our goal to run adult classes that will help our dancers take ownership and feel pride in their bodies and abilities.  Come join us as we strive to help dancers of all experience levels grow their confidence and self-worth. Adult classes offer an excellent opportunity to connect with other like-minded adults in a ...Read More

Pre-School & Pre-Levels (18 months-3 years)

Our Pre-School program has 3 levels, with some flexibility with which class dancers are in so that we can meet your child’s needs.  For many dancers at this age, this is their first time participating in an activity on their own.  Being away from their parent may cause anxiety in some children, and you may ...Read More

Micro (Level 1) for 4-5 year olds

These classes are for dancers that are 4-5 years old during the dance season (as of September 1st).  We offer a variety of styles of dance for our Junior dancers such as Acro, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre and more!  Once dancers move up to a level 1 class the classes are typically ...Read More

Mini (Level 2) and Petite (Level 3) for 6-8 and 7-9 year olds

Level 2 classes are for dancers that are 6-8 years old during the dance season (as of September 1st).  Level 3 classes are for dancers that are 7-9 years old during the dance season (as of September 1st).  Our level 2 and 3 continue to build on skills learned in Level 1, but are also ...Read More

Junior (Level 4) for 9-12 year olds

These levels are for dancers ages 9-12 during the dance season (as of September 1st). ...Read More

Senior (Level 5) for 13-17 year olds

These levels are for dancers ages 13-17 during the dance season (as of September 1st). ...Read More


Ready to take your learning to the next level?  Consider our Elite Dance Program! NJADS is proud to offer a competitive dance program that balances hard-work, discipline and training with passion, teamwork and FUN!  NJADS Competitive Team is by AUDITION or INVITATION ONLY and placement is at the sole discretion of NJADS Studio Director, NJADS ...Read More