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At NJADS we often run workshops such as Alixa Flexibility, Progressing Ballet Technique and Jumps and Turns to help dancers improve their technique, their strength and physical conditioning to prevent injury and encourage healthy development of their muscles. Workshops for new styles of dance have included Belly Dance, Modern, and more!

Alixa Flexibility With the Alixa Flexibility course you will learn how to safely become more flexible. The Alixa Flexibility program was created by a former rhythmic gymnastics’ trainer/contortion trainer for circus and former performer and circus artist. Alixa developed her techniques for teaching flexibility after seeing so many athletes have to quit from injuries due to improper stretching or lack of stretching. The Alixa Flexibility Method works with all levels of abilities & ages, building a solid flexibility foundation with the focus on injury prevention and safety. A great add on to your dance class regime! Jumps and Turns This class focuses on developing the strength, power, flexibility, and technique necessary for more advanced jumps and turns. Working progressively, dancers will learn to perfect a variety of elements used in jumps and turns technique such as; proper posture, core strength, balance, and spotting techniques. A great add on to your dance class regime!

Belly Dance In Bellydance we build from the floor up. First we get the feet moving, then add hips & bodywork, then arms and hands; the last piece of the puzzle is usually expression. Belly Dance is a dance style from the Middle East however it has various names depending on where it is being used the term “Belly dance” is a more westernized title. Dancers will learn to use their hips, and shimmies, figure eights and more. This style is great for the body and overall health encouraging fitness, healthy digestion, back strength, stress relief and core health.