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Jacqueline Poorter

Customer Retention Coordinator


Jacqueline has always loved dance. She grew up watching her parents compete, she was in awe of their rhythm, grace,  and how they floated across the floor. Jacqueline trained formally as a child in jazz and ballet. After a hiatus, she began to train again in university rekindling her passion through the exploration of various adult dance classes, including Salsa, Ballroom, Swing, and most recently, Tap.

In addition to her dance journey, Jacqueline has had the privilege of becoming a “Dance Mom” to Amelia and Ella, who both started their dance education at NJADS when they were just 3 years old. This role has allowed Jacqueline to further immerse herself in the world of dance and share her love for the art form with her daughters. 

Beyond her passion for dance, Jacqueline holds a degree in Cultural Communication and has received training as a Conflict Resolution Worker. These qualifications have equipped her with the skills to connect with individuals from all walks of life through various forms of communication. For more than two decades, she has dedicated her professional career to fundraising and event management for several nonprofit organizations. More recently, Jacqueline has been actively involved in the operations of a Production House based in both Toronto and LA. Her expertise lies in logistical management, social communication, and furthering team collaboration. Her strong abilities in these areas have allowed her to thrive in her current role. Jacqueline is always open to engaging in conversations and welcomes connections with people from all backgrounds. Whether it’s through text, social media, email, or snail mail, she is eager to chat and build meaningful connections. 

So don’t hesitate to reach out to her – she would love to hear from you.