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Dress Code

At Not Just Another Dance Studio we believe that wearing appropriate dancewear sets the student up for success in their dance class.  Appropriate dancewear also encourages discipline and focus while in class. Students are expected to come to class ready to dance. There is no specific colour or style required for our classes…half the fun for students is deciding what outfit to wear to dance class each week and suits your child’s style! Any style/brand of dance shoes are acceptable.  NOTE: Outdoor shoes are NOT permitted in the studio.

We sell Dancewear and Dance Shoes!  In September 2021 we opened our Dance Shop, selling dancewear, shoes and accessories to make it easier for our Dance Families.

  • Dance with Me – Parent or caregiver and dancers should wear comfortable clothing that they can move in. i.e. stretchy pants and a t-shirt, bodysuit, tights etc. Dance shoes such as gymnastics slippers, or bare feet are appropriate.
  • Pre-Level classes – Students should wear clothing appropriate for the style of dance they are in, i.e. Tutu Cute Pre-Ballet should follow the Ballet Dress Code, Tiny Tumblers Pre-Acro the Acro Dress Code etc.
  • Acro – Any colour/style of dancewear i.e. bodysuit or biketard and tights (footless or convertible). BARE FEET ONLY, no dance shoes.   Please no dance skirts. Hair tied back i.e. French braid or ponytail.
  • Ballet – Any colour/style of bodysuit, flesh toned ballet tights, ballet shoes (leather or canvas) and hair in a bun. Ask about specific style/colour of bodysuit required for our RAD Exam classes.
  • Contemporary – Any colour/style of dance wear i.e. bodysuit or biketard and tights. Bare feet or half soles. Hair in a ponytail.
  • Hip Hop – Clothing that students can move in i.e. dance wear, shorts, t-shirt, athleticwear etc. (no jeans). Clean indoor running shoes. Hair in a ponytail.
  • Hip Hop/Jazz Funk – Anything listed under Jazz or Hip Hop.
  • Jazz – Any colour/style of dance wear i.e. bodysuit/tights, biketard, crop-top/shorts, jazz shoes (any style i.e. canvas or leather jazz shoe, half soles) and hair in a ponytail.
  • Lyrical – Any colour/style of dance wear i.e. bodysuit or biketard and tights. Bare feet or half soles. Hair in a ponytail.
  • Musical Theatre – Athleticwear or dancewear, and any dance shoe.
  • Tap – Any colour/style of dancewear i.e. bodysuit/tights, biketard, tap shoes and hair in a ponytail.
  • Adult – Dancewear or activewear i.e. yoga pants with a t-shirt. Dance shoes or bare feet are acceptable for Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary classes.  Any style/colour of tap shoes are required for Tap classes, and clean/indoor running shoes for Hip Hop classes.  Hair should be pulled back.
  • Heels – Whatever makes the dancer feel like their BEST SELF. Body suit and fishnets, leggings and a crop top, booty shorts and a t-shirt-from athletic to sexy, anything that makes you feel good about you.  Shoes that have ankle support, (having a strap or something around the ankle for safety) and open toe is generally easier (but that’s a personal choice as well).

Need Dancewear? We are here to help!

Come visit our Dance Shop within our Hamilton location, and we can assist you with selecting the perfect outfit or dance shoes for your dancer to wear to class!