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Sam Paglia

Dance Instructor


Sam joined our Dance Team in September 2021, when she will begin teaching Acro, Hip Hop and Jazz. Samantha started her dance journey later than most competitive dancers and dance instructors. At age 13 she started training and competing in styles such as Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Acro and Hip Hop. Her drive and work ethic allowed her to grow immensely in a short period of time. Her unique movement and passion has won her several special and overall awards at competitions. She has performed in local dance productions, attended numerous workshops, and trained on her school dance team all four years of highschool. She has taught and assisted both recreational and competitive classes. She has found a passion for creating, and has flourished as an artist. Sam is a certified Acrobatic Arts Level 1 Instructor and aspires to provide a creative outlet for dancers through movement and choreography. Samantha’s accomplishments are proof that hard work pays off, she hopes to inspire dancers by showing them that they really can do anything they set their mind to!