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Staff Category: Student Ambassadors

Our NJADS Student Ambassadors are some of our current AWESOME students that share our studio Beliefs and Values, have a positive attitude and enjoy helping others. At NJADS our focus has always been about the Dance Family experience, and progress over perfection. Each dancer’s journey will be different, and we want to encourage all of our dancers in their journey, and ensure that it is a positive experience with opportunities to explore their interests, make new friends and feel accepted. Our Student Ambassadors will help us achieve our goals. They will be role models within the studio, will be active within our social media and supportive within our dance community.

Amelia Poorter

Mini Ambassador

Why I love dancing according to Amelia: “I love my teacher cause of his shoes and I love his dance ...Read More

Alexis Scott

Petite Ambassador

Information Coming Soon! ...Read More

Scarlett MacLeod

Junior Ambassador

I have many reasons to love dance.  It’s my passion and I’ve done it at this studio since I was ...Read More

Daniela Vasic

Senior Ambassador

I love dance because I love being creative and expressing my emotions through movement.  I love try ...Read More