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2023-2024 Student Ambassators

At Not Just Another Dance Studio, we’re not just a dance studio; we’re a dance family. Our belief in the transformative power of dance extends beyond mere steps and routines. It’s about the journey, the growth, and the community that we build together, a part of which are our Student Ambassadors.

Who Are Our NJADS Student Ambassadors?

Our Student Ambassadors are a select group of our most AWESOME students.  They don’t just dance with us, they embody our studio’s core values and beliefs.  With their positive attitudes, commitment to helping others, and dedication to our dance family, they are the living, breathing examples of what NJADS stands for.

Each dancer’s journey will be different, and we want to encourage all of our dancers in their journey, and ensure that it is a positive experience with opportunities to explore their interests, make new friends and feel accepted. Our Student Ambassadors will help us achieve these goals. They will be role models within the studio, will be active within our social media and supportive within our dance community.

Amelia-Rose Howe

Mini Ambassador

Amelia-Rose is our Mini Ambassador. She is 6 years old, and takes Jazz, Ballet and Tap at the studio ...Read More

Olive Horvath

Petite Ambassador

Olive began dancing with our studio in 2020.  In the past 4-years, she has trained in Ballet, Jazz, ...Read More

Abby Fagundes

Senior Ambassador

Abby first began dancing with our studio in 2014. Over the last decade she has trained in many style ...Read More