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Ben Musgrave-Bond

Junior Instructor


Ben has been dancing with Not Just Another Dance Studio since he was 5 years old. He started in 2015 in a Jazz class and has expanded the classes he takes adding Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet and Tap! Ben loves both tap and hip hop. He loves that it is good exercise and keeps him up and moving. In 2017 he joined our Competitive Dance Team. His favourite competition piece was a group Hip Hop performance “Dangerous” and his most memorable and favourite competition was Starbeat in Niagara falls. Going into his 6th season dancing Ben realized he wanted to do more than just dance, he wanted to help other kids dance too! In 2019 Ben became one of our Junior Assistant Teachers. When not dancing Ben keeps himself busy. He can be found reading, playing video games or playing the cello. Ben has been playing cello since 4 years old! When he grows up Ben thinks he’d like to be a chef.