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About the Style

Students are introduced to rhythm and coordination through jazz dance steps, while developing their sense of musicality. Energetic and upbeat jazz dance is combined with funky fast movements.  Leaps, Jumps, Turns and Stretching are some of the fundamentals taught in this class. Combinations are taught to today’s hottest music, and we always ensure that songs are age appropriate for each level.

The Instructor(s)

Alyssa Nedich
Christopher Duarte
Dima Nassar
Jussara Moreira
Natalie Zakrajsek
Sam Paglia

Class Attire

Any colour/style of dance wear i.e. bodysuit/tights, biketard, crop-top/shorts, jazz shoes (any style i.e. canvas or leather jazz shoe, half soles) and hair in a ponytail.