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Shining Stars * Tutu Cute * Tiny Tumblers * Tip Tap Toe * Bounce & Bop – 3-4 years!


About the Style

Our Pre-Level Dance classes are unique programs geared towards the imagination and energy of the active 3-year old!  Programs blend specific dance styles, using creative, imaginative role-playing and fun props.  The music for these classes is fun, age appropriate and familiar to your child!  These classes expand on the techniques learned by our younger Dance with Me and First Steps Creative Movement classes.  Dancers in this class are 3 and turning 4 during the dance season.

Tiny Tumblers! Our Pre-Acro program is an introduction to balances, rolls, jumps and coordination.  A great foundation to safely progress to harder tricks and tumbling.

Tutu Cute! Our Pre-Ballet program focuses on posture, body and musical awareness, and of course twirling to see our tutu float!

Shining Stars!  Our Pre-Jazz program introduces dancers to rhythm and coordination, while developing their sense of musicality.

Tip Tap Toe!  Our Pre-Tap program is an introduction to tap, shuffle, stomp and ball change while making music with your feet.

Bounce and Bop!  Our Pre-Hip Hop program gets dancers moving, bouncing and having fun.  This program will prepare dancers to start learning the grooves, Top Rocks and Get Downs taught in the older Hip Hop classes.

Dancely™ Program!  This is a combo class that teaches a variety of styles including Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop.  Dancely™  features original music that little ones love and choreography from expert preschool dance teachers, who know exactly the moves that make kids jump for joy with delight and excitement. Your little ones are going to have so much fun moving, bouncing, and shaking with us!

The Instructor(s)

Amanda Jeffery, BFA
Dima Nassar
Jussara Moreira
Natalie Zakrajsek
Sam Paglia
Becca Jeffery

Class Attire

Dancers should wear comfortable clothing such as athletic wear or dance wear such as a bodysuit and tights or a biketard, as well as the appropriate footwear for the specific style they are taking (ex. bare foot for pre-acro, jazz shoes for pre-jazz, ballet shoes for pre-ballet)