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Dancer Craft Ideas for March Break

Running out of ideas for March Break Activities? Is your dancer getting restless and missing the studio? We've got you covered with some dance inspired craft ideas! ...Read More

Be Your Child’s First Dance Partner!

Daddy/Daughter Dance class Instructor: Natalie Zakrajsek At Not Just Another Dance Studio we believe in creating positive experiences and memories that will last a lifetime! The Daddy/Daughter Dance is a wonderful opportunity for Dad to spend quality time with his daughter. Together they will spend time at rehearsal and working through choreography. The memories in ...Read More

Now that Christmas is over, are you starting to panic about not having New Years Eve plans??

We’ve got you covered! Join us for our Family Friendly New Years Eve Party January 31st rom 6-8pm and say goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023. There will be activities for the whole family to enjoy…pizza, obstacle course, dance, games, crafts and more! Each person attending will receive a hat and noise maker to ...Read More

MOTIVATION for dancers at any age

Nancy at 64, started ballet at 55. “I started ballet in my fifties after fracturing my spine and sternum in a fall,” Taylor wrote on Facebook. “My surgeon diagnosed me with advanced Osteoporosis and told me that I would never lead an active lifestyle again. When a ballet studio opened just across the road from ...Read More

Give the Gift of Dance this holiday season!

Choosing the perfect present for your children is tricky business, and it’s even more difficult to find something you can be sure they’ll love.  This season, change things up and give a unique gift that will stand out…give the gift of dance.  There are many benefits of giving an experience gift, but these are our ...Read More

7 Simple Benefits of enrolling your Child in Ballet!

Many children start dancing simply because they love it, but did you know that Ballet provides more to children than simply joy of movement? Here are seven simple benefits of Ballet class for your child. Confidence – Ballet is good for boosting self-esteem and confidence in young children. Building Character – Even small children begin ...Read More

Exploring the Dance Class Dress Code

When you’re dancing, you need to be focused, confident, and uninhibited.  Fidgeting with large, bulky dancewear during class is a big no no!  The following are also reasons that it is important to ensure your dancer is following our Dress Code and wearing appropriate dance attire. Visibility and Ease of Motion Comfortable dance clothes allow ...Read More

You Did it!

Congrats to our dancers for making it through the first 3 weeks of class! Many of our dancers are now settling into the routine, but note, it is also TOTALLY NORMAL if dancers are still shy or a little nervous coming to class. Each dancer progresses at their own time, and some dancers will take ...Read More

Ballet Shoes: What you need to know…

Ballet slippers come in several types of material: Satin Canvas Leather Choosing the right soft ballet shoes Selecting the correct dance shoe, and wearing them to class is important.  Although they are not mandatory for class, they are highly recommended as they will help you develop a proper technique and help prevent injury to the ...Read More

First Day Jitters?!?

The start of the dance season is often anticipated with great excitement and joy, but can also cause uncertainty and tears. The main source of anxiety for parents and children is that they do not know what to expect. Below are some tips to help ease the transition for your child, and decrease both of ...Read More