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Dancers and Puberty

Helping your child navigate the challenges that come along with puberty is tricky — but especially for dancers.  As your dancer reaches that in-between age – puberty – it is a good idea that parents have a conversation with their child about their self-awareness and self-care. Body Odour Body odour in dancers is not a ...Read More

Does your child want to ACCELERATE their Acro learning?

First, let me explain the difference between AcroDance and Gymnastics… It is important to note that AcroDance is not the same as Gymnastics.  Obviously, we don’t use the apparatuses that Artistic Gymnastics uses, but more importantly, there is a need to teach Acro skills differently from Gymnastics.  Consider the gymnastics floor routine, while it often ...Read More

Committed to being a Safer Space

At NJADS we have always been committed to making our dance home a safe space for everyone. Members of our dance family vary in race, religion, ability, genders, orientations. We want our dancers to always feel the ability to be their authentic selves. As part of this commitment in the summer of 2021, our management ...Read More

Ready for a different type of dance studio?

We utilize our 20 years of experience to provide empowering and caring dance training that is age appropriate for dancers of all ages in a family environment. Our focus is on the pre-competitive level (under 6 hours of training a week, compared to the competitive level which is for 7+ hours of training a week), ...Read More

Let’s Celebrate International Dance Day 2022!

Huge Announcement! International Dance Day is just around the corner, and to celebrate, we’re hosting FREE DANCE CLASSES from April 25-29th! We have some extra special surprises for you in honor of International Dance Day as well 😍 Surprise #1: 🎉 We’re debuting an original song, “It’s My Time to Shine”, that was created specifically ...Read More

Teaching Dance: Students Are a Lot Different Today

The following article was written by Steve Sirico from Dance Teacher Web. It shows how the way that Dance Instructors have needed to pivot in the last several years, in both their teaching style, and the way that they interact and connect with their dancers. Type: Teacher article Category: Dance Teachers After teaching dance for ...Read More

The Importance of Correct Body Alignment

Sometimes dancers get caught up in the choreography and forget to hold themselves correctly when dancing. Check in and see how you are standing: stand with your feet together, hands by your sides, and check each body part listed below to see how you should be holding your body: * Lifted chin, elongated neck, eyes ...Read More

Great Job Miss Alyssa!

Great job Miss Alyssa…we are proud of you for passing your IBBFA Barre certification exam and finishing with a 94% on your practical! She is now a certified Barre Instructor! We can’t wait to be able to offer these new Adult classes so that you can share your passion for the Barre program with our ...Read More

Have you heard about our online dance store “Not Just Another Dance Shop?”

We want to make things easy on our Dance Families.  Now you can order merch and dancewear on our website, and pickup your order at our Ancaster or Hamilton location, or there is the option to have it shipped to your home! Our dress code is pretty relaxed, dancers are allowed to wear any colour ...Read More

Hamilton peeps…are you ready for a new type of Adult Fitness and Dance program???

We are looking for 5 more busy people for our brand new 6-week transformation program! Can you workout 2 times per week? Will you follow structured nutrition plans? Can you start this month? If you answered YES to all 3, apply today to join our amazing and supportive community for our StudioFit Program! ...Read More