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Are Dance Tights REALLY necessary??

Tights, tights and more tights! Why do dancers need to wear tights? Its not just for esthetics! Every dancer knows how important it is to warm up in dance class, but did you also know that dance tights help to keep muscles warm throughout periods of immobility during class or performances? By avoiding letting your ...Read More

Why We Do What We Do…

We believe that the atmosphere we create in the studio for our dance family (our culture) is every bit as important as the education our students receive. We are focused on teaching the whole student; giving our dancers life skills such as dedication, determination and perseverance that will help them to succeed now, and for ...Read More

Simplifying Dancewear for our Dance Families!

Less than 4 weeks…Are you ready for BACK-TO-DANCE? We have everything your dancer needs to be ready and look great at their first dance class of the season. Come visit the Dance Shop at our Hamilton location on Wednesday, August 16th or Wednesday, August 23rd from 5-8pm. * Dancewear * Dance tights * Dance shoes ...Read More

Supporting causes that are important to us

At Not Just Another Dance Studio, we believe that giving back to our community is important. One of the ways that we do this is to assist in selling Crush Cancer Hoodies and T-shirts (which we can deliver to our Hamilton location from May-mid October). We also participate in the Saugeen Springs Crush Cancer Relay ...Read More

The Real Trophy: Accepting Rejection in the Dance World

We couldn’t have said this better ourselves! Thank you to our friends at Progressing Ballet Technique for this look into why winning isn’t always the most important thing to consider when competing. This is why we have dancers set their intention and personal goals before every competition Within contemporary dance, a concerning trend has emerged, ...Read More

It’s Never Too Late…

When I was about 17 years old, I quit taking tap lessons, and this is something I have always regretted. I began dancing when I was 2 years old; taking various styles of dance over the years.  It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I started taking tap.  Tap was not one of my ...Read More

What is Cancel Culture Teaching our Children?

It seems lately that many people are willing to turn their back on someone, and ostracize them, whether it be online, on social media or in person simply rather than deal with the issue.  Have you ever stopped to think how that mindset is affecting our kids?  What exactly is this new culture teaching them?  ...Read More

Charlie’s ‘Untapped Potential’ Scholarship:

Happy Heavenly 2nd Birthday Charlie! Charlie Leitis was born into the NJADS extended family June 4, 2021, as the son of Dani who works at the desk of our Ancaster location, and her husband Ivars. Charlie adored his big sister Riley, and loved Bluey, music and cars since early on. Charlie was a big cuddler ...Read More

Announcing our 2023-2024 Student Ambassadors!

We are proud to announce the 3 dancers who were selected to be our 2023-2024 Student Ambassadors! They were selected since they embody our studio beliefs and values. They also have a positive attitude and help others. Our Student Ambassadors will continue to be role models within our studio. You will see more of them ...Read More

Worried your child will be bored this summer?

We’re here to help…we have exciting summer kids camps that run all summer long. Imagine 9-weeks of fun that will keep you child entertained, having a great time, and asking to go again. Which camp is your child most excited about? ...Read More