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Influential Dancers: “Locking” leader Don “Campbellock” Campbell

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 January 9, 2024      ancaster

Today’s influential dancer is the creator of the hip hop street dance “The Campbellock”. Don Campbell’s unique style has become the popular “Locking” used by choreographers and street dancers around the world in creating powerful hip hop pieces. 

Early Life
Born in 1951 Don was a creative child. He enjoyed drawing, especially the profiles of people’s faces and hands, as well as trees and bugs. His sketching skills made him standout as an artist and eventually he would study at the LA Trade Technical College growing his skills. During this time, he would take on his newest interest – Dance.

“The Cambellock”
Don became popular in the dance scene as he showed off a very different style of dance. Performing in clubs and contests, Don introduced the world to “The Campbellock”. The style was inspired by African and traditional Jazz dance movements which were exaggerated, clear, quick, and frozen or locked into position rhythmically. This was new from the typical smooth flowing styles of dance people were used to.

Don would then form a dance group – The Campbellock Dancers which would change their name to The Lockers. The Lockers became the resident dance group on the TV show “Soul Train”. Performing on “Soul Train” and on “Soul Train” sponsored tours, Don and the Lockers spread their new style to all of America. Don would continue to share it with the world locking in over 100 performances live or on TV, with a large number of performers from Frank Sinatra to Carol Burnett, Dick Van Dyke to Aretha Franklin, The Jackson five to The Rocksteady Crew and many more.

His Legacy
Don’s original dance movements have been included in the choreography of musicians such as The Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Christina Aguilera, Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dog, Jermaine Dupri, Aaliyah, Mya, Janet Jackson and more. Michael Jackson also credited Don as inspiration for his own dance.

Don continued his life inspiring dancers everywhere through his “Creator’s” classes. This was a project he took on with his son and dance instructor Dennis Danehy. The “Creator’s” classes were made up of his video biography, live questions and answers, and in person lessons taught by Dennis. These “Creator’s Classes” were taught beyond North America as they traveled through the world to countries like England, Portugal, Russia, Japan and more.

In his later life while sharing the “Creator’s” class, Don would also do public speaking, judge international dance competitions and work with his son on a clothing line, a book and a featured film based on his life story.

Don “Campbellock” Campbell and son Dennis Danehy