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DSOA Inner Circle Impact Award Winner!

 January 31, 2024      njads

We are proud to announce that Miss Amanda, and the NJADS Team have won the 2024 Dance Studio Owners Association Inner Circle Impact Award in Orlando this month. This award is presented to the dance studio that is impacting their community through innovation, creativity, strong business practices and leadership within the last 12 months. In the heart of every successful company lies a commitment not just to business goals, but also to the community that surrounds it. At NJADS Inc., we’ve always believed that our responsibilities extend beyond our studio walls. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to a series of initiatives that reflect our deep commitment to giving back to the community that has given us so much.

Building a Stronger Community, Together – Our approach to corporate responsibility is rooted in the simple but powerful idea of ‘paying it forward’. We recognize that a thriving business and a thriving community go hand in hand. As a part of this vibrant neighborhood, we’ve launched several initiatives aimed at bolstering the very fabric of our local society.

Educational Empowerment – We understand that the future lies in the hands of our youth. NJADS Inc. has embarked on a mission to empower the next generation through scholarships and educational programs. By investing in our children’s education, we’re not just shaping their futures – we’re paving the way for a brighter community.

Engaging in Charitable Activities – Charity begins at home, and for us, that means starting right here in our neighborhood. NJADS Inc. actively collaborates with local charities, participating in fundraisers and volunteering initiatives. We have collected coats, mittens, hats and gloves for local youth in need and fundraised for the Canadian Cancer Society. We also provided financial donations to the Royal Ball supporting Cystic Fibrosis, the National Ballet of Canada and Hamilton Health Sciences Children’s Hospital. Through these efforts, we aim to address pressing community needs and make a tangible difference.

Looking Ahead – Our journey in corporate responsibility is an ongoing one. At Not Just Another Dance Studio, we’re continually looking for ways to deepen our involvement and make a lasting impact. We believe that by working together, we can build a community that’s not only successful but also compassionate, diverse, and sustainable.