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About the Style

Benefits of Summer Dance!

Summer vacation means a break from school, but it shouldn’t mean a break from dance!  While down time is important, hanging out with friends has value, as summer can be long for an active child.  So why not enroll them in something they love!

  • Helps students to continue to work on or maintain valuable learning skills such as the ability to focus, to be disciplined, maintain a healthy lifestyle, to build skills for self-expression and to make important friendships.
  • Summer dance provides students and parents with  a short-term commitment to try a new style of dance.
  • Provides a positive and fun environment for the shy or new dance student to get comfortable and build friendships.
  • Focus on areas dancers find challenging by participating in Workshops such as Jumps and Turns, Flexibility and others.
  • Intensives focus on new dance styles, or focus on a style they feel passionate about!

PDF Overview of all Summer Camps and Classes offered

Our Summer Session runs on an 8-week session from July 4-August 29th, except when noted that it is a 6-week session (July 5-August 11)