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About the Style

Immerse yourself in the fluid and expressive world of Contemporary dance, a genre that beautifully intertwines the elegance of ballet, the soulfulness of jazz, and the innovation of modern dance techniques. Our Contemporary dance class is not just about mastering steps; it’s an exploration of personal expression and creativity.

The class places significant emphasis on improvised movement, inviting dancers to delve deep into their imagination and discover their unique style of expression. This exploration is crucial in contemporary dance, as it allows each dancer to connect more deeply with their emotions and translate that into movement.

The Instructor(s)

Alyssa Nedich
Christopher Duarte
Natalie Zakrajsek
Sam Paglia
Michele Miedzybrodzki

Class Attire

Any colour/style of dance wear i.e. bodysuit or biketard and tights. Bare feet or half soles. Hair in a ponytail.

As part of the class, dancers will not only work on developing their individuality in dance but will also learn new choreography, providing a balanced approach to both creative expression and technical skill. The focus on foundational techniques ensures that all dancers build a strong base, essential for the fluid and often complex movements characteristic of contemporary dance.

This class is perfect for those who wish to explore the boundaries of traditional dance forms, embrace their creativity, and develop a distinctive dance style. Join us and dive into the world of contemporary dance, where every movement tells a story and every dancer brings their own unique narrative to the floor.