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Dancely Program ~ NEW!

About the Style

We’re so thrilled to introduce you to Dancely™, a program that provides education and entertainment through original music, dance and movement for children ages 6 and under. The preschool aged dance program has always been a passion of ours at NJADS and we are delighted to be a Dancely™ Licenced Studio!

Our program features original music from the award winning songwriters at Disney, Netflix and Marvel. Dancely also features original choreography from world renowned dancers, who know exactly the moves that make kids jump for joy with delight and excitement. Your little ones are going to have so much fun moving, bouncing, and shaking with us!

Ready to share the joy of dance with your little ones? We’d LOVE to see your child dancing with us!

The Instructor(s)

Dima Nassar
Jussara Moreira
Natalie Zakrajsek
Marella Robinson
Lilyanna Colling-Cen

Class Attire

Any style dance wear or athletic wear, hair in ponytail or braid, and the appropriate footwear i.e. jazz shoes or ballet slippers