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Stretch and Flexibility

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Do you find in class that you “Can’t feel the stretch?” Are you concerned that you may be stretching incorrectly? Do you worry that you are “puflexibility this year? Then the Alixa Flexibility Program is for you! With the Alixa Flexibility course you will learn how to safely become more flexible.

The Alixa Flexibility program was created by a former rhythmic gymnastics trainer/contortion trainer for circus and former performer and circus artist. Alixa developed her techniques for teaching flexibility after sshing the stretch too far?” Do you have a new years resolution to work on developing your eeing so many athletes have to quit from injuries due to improper stretching or lack of stretching.

The Alixa Flexibility Method works with all levels of abilities & ages, building a solid flexibility foundation with the focus on injury prevention and safety.  A great add on to your dance class regime!


The Instructor(s)

Alyssa Nedich
Natalie Zakrajsek

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