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About the Style

Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles, and technique from this style compliments and strengthens all other dance style training.  Body awareness, technical training and coordination are stressed throughout the class, and students are taught correct terminology.  Learn the five positions of the feet and exercises such as pliés, tendues and sautés.  Students will develop strength, flexibility and an awareness of correct alignment, while being exposed to music from classics such as The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.  Barre work will be completed during warm-up for these Ballet classes.  Our dancers will thrive from positive reinforcement during this class

Pointe / Pre-pointe is a class where the ballet dancers support all of their body weight on the tips of fully pointed feet.  Dancing en pointe makes the dancer appear weightless and is done by wearing special pointe shoes.  Students are recommended for pointe based on age and ability.  Dancers must be in a minimum of 2 ballet classes a week to qualify for dancing en pointe.  There is no recital performance for pointe classes.  Dancers wishing to pursue pointe classes should set up a meeting with the Owner to discuss their progress and confirm they are on track to meet their goals.

The Instructor(s)

Amanda Jeffery, BFA
Jussara Moreira
Natalie Zakrajsek
Anna Sousa, RAD RTS

Class Attire

Any colour/style of bodysuit, flesh toned ballet tights, ballet shoes (leather or canvas) and hair in a bun.