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You Did it!

 September 30, 2022      njads

Congrats to our dancers for making it through the first 3 weeks of class! Many of our dancers are now settling into the routine, but note, it is also TOTALLY NORMAL if dancers are still shy or a little nervous coming to class. Each dancer progresses at their own time, and some dancers will take a little longer to be comfortable and fully participate in class.
Below are some tips to help ease the transition for your child, and decrease both of your anxiety:
BE CONSISTENT – Some parents may see their child have a difficult first class and feel this is a cause for concern. It is quite normal for students to be unsure or not wanting to participate the first week. As a parent, we know it is hard to see your child upset, but it is important that dancers attend class on their own each week. Consistency is key, attend class each week, and be on time/early for class. It is difficult for students to transition when a class is already in progress. Often it is a lot more difficult on the parent for the child to attend class on their own, than it is for the dancer.
STAFF ARE HERE TO HELP – Our staff are warm, caring, and experienced instructors who can anticipate our students’ needs and assist in the transition. Many of us are moms too, and have been where you are! We will take your child’s hand and escort them into the classroom. We will gently encourage your child to participate each week, until before you know it your child comes out of class smiling, and showing you all of the great dance steps they learned in class!
ROUTINE, ROUTINE, ROUTINE – Our class follows the same routine each week. Young students thrive on routine, and love knowing what to expect. We start each class with a warm-up, some centre work, and then practice a dance. Often student’s are afraid to participate the first week, since they are unsure what to expect, then the following week are excited to dance once they realize that we are practicing the same dances and songs.
“Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding” Robert John Meehan