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Tips to be ready for Back-to-Dance!

 September 1, 2022      njads

Our 2022-2023 Dance Season is quickly approaching…are you enrolled in all of your dance classes?  Try to register for your favourites, be sure to include a technique class, and maybe even try a new style.  Time to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself this year!  Here are some tips to help you get ready for the new season:

  • Stretch – You may have taken a class or two this summer, but the fall schedules tend to be a bit more involved for a lot of dancers. Be sure to start stretching and working on your cardio to ensure you are ready to hit the dance floor.
  • Inventory your Dancewear – Pull out last year’s outfits and take stock. Donate any bodysuits that no longer fit (contact the studio for info on our Dance Closet for donations), and throw out any tights that have holes, runs or stains.  Ensure you have the required dance essentials for the class you are taking (i.e. bodysuit, tights, appropriate dance shoes, hair elastics, bobby pins and hair nets).  Studios will usually have a dress code for each style of dance.
  • Water bottle – You’ll want a water bottle for class. Select one that you can refill at home, is large enough to last through class time, and that you can easily label with your name. Food and drink are not allowed in the dance studio, but water bottles are encouraged to keep dancers hydrated.
  • Invite a friend – Dance is a social activity, and is more fun when you participate with a friend or two! Our studio also has a referral program that lets you get paid if your friend enrolls…it’s a win-win! Don’t be shy about letting others know that you take a dance class, you never know who may be interested in attending with you.
  • Join us on social media – Join our NJADS Dance Community on Facebook ( We post reminders, updates, pictures and info about the current dance season.

We love to see our dancers shine and sparkle in class, and can’t wait to see you in the studio this fall for season 20!  Our 2022-2023 Dance Season starts the week of September 10-16th.