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The Importance of Correct Body Alignment

 April 8, 2022      njads

Sometimes dancers get caught up in the choreography and forget to hold themselves correctly when dancing. Check in and see how you are standing: stand with your feet together, hands by your sides, and check each body part listed below to see how you should be holding your body:

* Lifted chin, elongated neck, eyes off the floor
* Shoulders pressed naturally down and back
* Rib cage closed, as if there was a safety pin holding it together
* Stomach muscles engaged
* Hips held even and level
* Knees relaxed, not locked
* Feet parallel or turned out (turnout comes from your hips, with your knees in a line over your toes)

Technique is the basis of all fundamentals of dance, and includes body awareness, proper alignment, concepts of terminology and style, and the ability to apply corrections. Keep working on improving your technique to be the best version of YOURself!