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Exploring the Dance Class Dress Code

 October 21, 2022      njads

When you’re dancing, you need to be focused, confident, and uninhibited.  Fidgeting with large, bulky dancewear during class is a big no no!  The following are also reasons that it is important to ensure your dancer is following our Dress Code and wearing appropriate dance attire.

Visibility and Ease of Motion

Comfortable dance clothes allow you to move with ease without weighing you down or getting in your way. Your dance instructor will be able to observe your body, movements, and technique and provide targeted feedback for improvement.

Dress for Success

Having the correct dance outfit will do more than improve your technique, it will also increase your dancer’s confidence.  Wearing a ballet bodysuit, tights, ballet slippers with hair in a bun will help them to get into the correct mind space for Ballet class.  Looking the part is important!  This applies not only to Ballet class, the perfect pair of sweats can help you shine in hip-hop class the same way an elegant and form-fitting bodysuit will in jazz class.

Why Wear Tights?

Its not just for esthetics!  Every dancer knows how important it is to warm up in dance class, but did you also know that dance tights help to keep muscles warm throughout periods of immobility during class or performances?  By avoiding letting your muscles getting cold you decrease the chance of having stiffness and tension that can lead to injuries.


Not sure what is required for dance class?  Check out our Dress Code