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Daddy/Daughter Dance

About the Style

At Not Just Another Dance Studio we believe in creating positive experiences and memories that will last a lifetime! The Daddy/Daughter Dance is a wonderful opportunity for Dad to spend quality time with his daughter. Together they will spend time at rehearsal and working through choreography. The memories in class, in fact, are as significant as performing the actual dance on stage in front of an audience. The Daddy/Daughter Dance is great fun, but dance is also difficult. The rehearsals and performance will be challenging, involve a total of 3 hours of rehearsals (weekly 45-minute class for 4-weeks), and may involve lifting your child. If you have any back problems or physical conditions that you feel may hinder you from participating, please contact us before you sign up for the Daddy/Daughter Dance. Everybody on stage depends on everyone else to put on a great show. Participants must attend all rehearsals to learn the dance (1 absence is permitted, however we recommend attending for all 4 classes). All rehearsals are “Closed Rehearsals,” meaning friends and family may not watch the Daddy/Daughter rehearsals.

The Instructor(s)

Natalie Zakrajsek

Class Attire

Dads - Comfortable clothing/athletic wear such as track pants, t-shirt Kids - Dancewear such as leotard and tights, t-shirts, shorts etc. Footwear - indoor shoes for dads, ballet slippers or jazz shoes for dancers