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Shannon Sim

Dance Instructor


Shannon began dancing with us in 2014. They have trained in Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Tap, Acro, Musical Theatre, Modern, Heels and Pointe. Shannon has also completed their RAD Ballet Exams for Grades 1-4 and Inter-foundation with The Dance Centre. They joined our Competition Team in 2014, and has competed on Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Acro, Tap, Hip Hop and Open Teams, as well as solos and duets in Acro, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap, Open, Jazz and Lyrical. In 2017, their Hip Hop solo “Dance All Night” placed 3rd Overall at Champions Dance Competition. In 2019, their Contemporary solo “Athena” received an Artistry Award at Fever International Dance Competition in Milton! This same year, their Acro Duet “Find a Way” won 1st Overall twice in the Pre-Competitive Intermediate Duet/Trio category and their Hip Hop Solo “Chun-Li” won a Great Character/Choreography Award at Showburst Dance Competition. In June 2017, they played the role of the Lion in our production of The Wizard of Oz. In September 2017 they started training in our NJADS Teacher Training Program, then in January 2020 they began teaching for us. In 2020, they placed 2nd Overall for their Acro Duet “Footprints in the Sand” at Fever International Dance Competition, 3rd Overall for their Contemporary Duet “Sleepwalk” and 2nd Overall for their Jazz Trio “Loco.” At Dancefest they won a Most Potential Awards for all soloists in the Pre-Competition category and also received a “Wa-Bam” award for their Hip Hop solo “Cash.” In 2021 their Contemporary solo “Space Oddity” won 1st place Overall for Senior Soloist at Showburst  Dance Competition.  They would like to be a dancer as a career in their future.  They enjoy dancing because it is like a breath of fresh air and allows them to escape reality.