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Faith Boughan

Dance Instructor


Faith Boughan is joining us this October to teach K-Pop at NJADS! Faith began performing and teaching dance in 2009, initially enjoying many years as a member of several Ontario-based bellydance troupes. From 2011-2014, she also founded, choreographed and directed local Bollywood dance troupe NACHEGI. In early 2017, she began fusing her love of K-Pop dance with bellydance, and in 2018, she competed in the Hamilton International Bellydance Competition with a bellydance/K-Pop fusion focus, winning 1st place in the Fusion category and receiving a Judges’ Choice Award. In 2019, she took 1st in a New Talent Showcase, hosted by Hamilton Burlesque Society, with a K-Pop fusion piece.

Faith continued to develop and expand her artistic repertoire with street and contemporary dance styles, and November 2019, Faith performed as an Apprentice Artist in Collapsing the Night, an immersive dance experience presented by Burlington-based contemporary dance company Aeris Körper. In early 2020, she was one of five choreographers chosen to present their work at Aeris Körper’s Prospects: An Evening of Dance & Discussion.

Over the past few years, thanks to the shift in training opportunities due to the global pandemic, Faith was thrilled to able to train regularly in a virtual capacity with numerous K-Pop industry choreographers and lead dance artists based in South Korea, including Bada Lee (NCT, EXO), Wootae (ATEEZ, Taemin, Highlight), Hwang Sooyeon (Dreamcatcher, Oh My Girl), and Rian (Chungha, TWICE, Street Woman Fighter). She is also a Galen Hooks Alumni.

Faith is a regular performer with Hamilton-based studio Mahasti – The Creative Emporium’s performance team, Raqs Mahasti, directed by Eshe Yildiz, and is a frequent guest artist at Eshe’s dance show, Glitter. She teaches weekly classes at Mahasti, creating monthly choreographies and developing pieces for solo artists. Under her Faith Dance brand, she also creates short works for digital presentation on social media.

In all her classes and workshops, Faith’s philosophy is “practice, not perfection.” She aims to provide students with tools they can use to hone their own personal styles while also exploring nuance, expression, and modes of storytelling within dance movement. But above all else, beyond technique or musicality or theory or any of the trappings that tend to overlay the practice of movement, she believes dance should be fun.