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Special Stars

About the Style

Special Stars Program!

Our Special Stars dance classes are designed specifically for people of ALL ages and ALL bodies– with any disability or special needs. This may include: Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease and/or any other emotional and physical disabilities. All classes are adjusted to accommodate your dancer’s needs! Dancers are taught in a loving and joyful way by our exceptional teachers and assistants.  Just like our other combination classes, our Special Stars learn a mix of Ballet and Jazz technique.  Dancers learn combinations, work across the floor and barre work.

Class Structure

We understand that repetition and structure are very important for dancers with special needs. We aim to have the process of getting into class the same way each week.  We also keep music levels a little lower than our other classes, and can dim the lighting if needed.

Dress Code and Costumes

Dancers with special needs can often have sensory issues with clothing.  Certain fabrics, cuts and tags can bother students and make them extremely uncomfortable. While we have a dress code for our other classes, our Special Stars classes wear a tagless t-shirt and black leggings/pants.

Costumes can also be an issue for your dancers. Sequins, glitter and tulle can scratch or itch their skin. When selecting costumes for our Special Stars classes, we will take this into consideration, and select costumes with little to no irritants.