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Pre-School & Pre-Levels (18 months-3 years)


About the Style

Our Pre-School program has 3 levels, with some flexibility with which class dancers are in so that we can meet your child’s needs.  For many dancers at this age, this is their first time participating in an activity on their own.  Being away from their parent may cause anxiety in some children, and you may also find yourself anxious if this is YOUR first time away from your little one!  We recognise that for some children the transition into a class without parents is not easy, please rest assured that we will try to make the transition as happy and smooth as possible.  It is our goal to give children a positive experience that can nurture their growth in this world.  All of our Pre-School classes are 30-minutes long.

Dance with Me – 18-35 months (ECE Music class is 0-3 years)
Creative Movement for Tots class – 2-3 years
Pre-Level classes (Pre-Ballet, Pre-Jazz, Pre-Acro, Pre-Tap, Pre-Hip Hop) – 3-4 years

The Instructor(s)

Amanda Jeffery, BFA
Natalie Zakrajsek
Sam Paglia
Jussara Moreira
Dima Nassar
Danielle Musgrave-Bond

Class Attire

For Dance with Me classes caregiver should wear something comfortable that they can move in, with bare feet/socks. Dancers may wear any style or colour of dancewear with dance shoes (Ballet or Jazz)